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Wed, Oct. 23

Letter: Cartoon needs clarifying


I like editorial cartoons. The one published on July 20 left some things out, and has others in need of some correction. Sack (I think that’s the name) is a good artist, but he might be tackling too many subjects in one panel.

‘Anti-muslim’ should’ve said ‘anti-jihadist.’ Violent Islamists killing U.S. citizens in Boston, Orlando, San Bernadino, Fort Hood, etc....most in the GOP don’t dig that, it’s safe to say.

‘Anti-science’ ? More clearly could’ve read ‘anti- scientism’, the bullying bureaucracy that seeks to silence all but naturalistic explanations for origins, for example.

Only evolutionary hypotheses are acceptable in textbooks and schoolrooms. Time, plus slime, plus chance, are supposed to account for all the order, complexity, and the interdependency of species in the many ecosystems of creation. This scenario has been calculated to be a one in ten with 40,000 zeros chance of being true.

The Declaration of Independence states that we humans are endowed with certain inalienable rights by our Creator. No Creator, no individual human rights. Mrs. Clinton has indicated that individual rights need to be abandoned for the sake of the collective.

‘Anti-immigrant?’ Probably Sack didn’t have room for the word ‘illegal.’ ‘Anti-union’? I’ d guess most of us are against their slashed-tire, cracked heads thugishness.

‘Anti-tax’? I’m opposed to such a heavy tax at the federal level that creates a bloated bureaucracy. This extra-constitutional fourth branch of government is making miscreants of us all (chronicled in the book Three Felonies a Day).

On the anti-woman and anti-choice bits...I used to be ‘pro-choice’ when the pro-abortion lobby had many of us convinced that we were dealing with “undifferentiated tissue mass” that was simply being removed. Now we know better. Doctors performing late-term abortions in which the infants survive just twist their heads off throwing the corpses in the garbage.

One Supreme Court justice recently said only five deaths (of adult women, that is) occurred in abortions in Texas in eleven years. Really? One reason most abortion clinics are positioned near hospitals is that when the mothers start to hemorrhage, thanks to these unregulated butchers, they’re quickly transferred to the E.R. where the cause of death is described “so-and-so, deceased from complications due to surgery”.

S.J. Welch

Prescott Valley

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