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Wed, Oct. 23

Letter: Keeping my guns


I take exception to Mr. Dursts' attempted humorous anti-gun column. While attempting to paraphrase gun rights advocates, all Mr. Durst did was to repeat the usual gun control advocates talking points.

Notice that he fears gun owners and the NRA just like the KKK fears the blacks and Jews. The NRA is an extremist splinter group that controls the Republican Party and will do anything to allow criminals to have guns- according to Mr. Durst. He believes that I can't use an AR15 to hunt small game (or change the upper to another caliber to hunt deer sized game) because it is an -"assault weapon". "Assault Weapon" is a fictitious term made up by anti-gunners to make guns they do not like more scary and repulsive to non gun enthusiasts.

Mr. Durst wants to not only know my identity, but also my shoe size when I purchase a firearm. "(Y)ou need to present identification to apply for a card to take a book out of a library." One also needs to present id when purchasing a firearm, buying liqueur, buying a home, cashing a check etc. Mr. Durst makes a false argument that the NRA is against presenting id when purchasing a gun. The NRA feels that the government does not need to be involved if I gift a firearm to my grandchild or loan one to my buddy so that we may go shooting for the afternoon.

Mr. Durst has all his innuendos and arguments from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence down pat. My question for him, and all other gun banners, is:

How do you keep guns and other weapons out of the hands of criminals and sociopaths that want to murder, and yet not harass and step on the rights of law abiding citizens? We already have complete background checks anytime that I purchase a new gun. Dealers fill out paperwork anytime a gun is purchased. So far none of the new proposed gun laws would make any difference on criminals/terrorists getting their hands on weapons.

Mr. Durst is condescending and misstates what the pro gun arguments are. Like most anti-gunners, he does not hear what the pro-gunners are really telling them. They hear part of what is said and fill in the rest with their biases. The NRA is just a pawn of the gun industry; or is that the NRA is the evil puppeteer of the gun industry. It is so hard to keep track of the meme of the week. Unfortunately for Mr. Durst and company, the NRA is an organization that is made up of millions of individual members that fight for gun rights and freedom from abuse.

Bruce Graf

Prescott Valley

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