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Fri, Feb. 22
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Letter: Teaching the controversy


In response to a letter by Frank Manus, which came out only two days after my letter on June 7, I want to correct some things. First, I am not trying to “force my beliefs on our youth” by lobbying the PUSD board to adopt the “Icons of Evolution” student workbook and DVD, which did not talk about the Bible or religion, but only showed some of the scientific problems with the seven most common arguments for evolution found in the textbooks.

It is called, teaching the controversy, which is what evolutionists begged the schools to do for the first century after Darwin’s book was published in 1859. It was allowed into the schools by creationists, but now that evolutionists have a firm grip on the school system, they do their best to keep any criticism of their theory out.

When you present only one side of a two-sided issue to kids as if it were a fact, it is not education, but indoctrination that is going on. The kids are being lied to when evolution is presented this way, so I asked the board to give at least a little bit of the other side, but they would not because they were afraid of people like Mr. Manus attacking them because they don’t understand that it is not about taking evolution teaching out of biology, but is about presenting both sides of the issue rather than brainwashing them by presenting only one side.

Mr. Manus has questions about how the dinosaurs could be accommodated on the ark, but what he doesn’t know is that there is only about 50 kinds (not species) of dinosaurs, and the average size is the size of a sheep, and that God would have sent young ones of the large kinds, making all the created kinds easily manageable on the ark.

You can ask all your questions to our expert, Dr. Kevin Anderson (Ph.D. in microbiology), who has done extensive research on the many dinosaur bones found with soft tissue, at the free summer creation science seminar on July 9, at the Heights Church from 9 to noon. For more info, call 771-1218.

David McNabb



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