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Thu, Feb. 20

Letter: CO2 & climate change


Kudos to Tom Steele for having the courage to actually address scientific fact instead of the usual, politically correct politicized propaganda. He is right on.

Fact - Carbon Dioxide (CO2) makes up less than 0.04 percent of the gases in our atmosphere, or 400 parts per million (0.00386 percent or 386 ppm according to the original International Panel on Climate Change report and Al Gore's book "Earth in the Balance"). Only 3.3 percent of that CO2 is of the "manmade" variety. Hence only 3.3 percent of the 0.04 percent of the atmospheric gases, or less than 0.0013 percent (13 parts per million) is man-made CO2.

Do the math: man-made (Anthropogenic) Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is less than 0.0013 percent (13 parts per million) of the gases in our atmosphere. Can you really believe that a little over 1/1000 of a percent (1/100,000) contribution can affect the climate of the whole planet? That's faith - not science.

What about the "consensus of scientists" myth, the "rising temperatures" myth, etc.? I will try in the coming months to give facts to counter the PC propaganda - such as a survey of 31,000 physicists and physical chemists who do not believe in man-made climate change and the actual measurements of global temperatures by long established scientists who still use measurement (by satellite and high altitude balloons) as opposed to theory driven computer models.

It is true the science is settled, but we are not dealing with true science. Politicians with agendas and a PC liberal gullible mainstream media have hijacked "science" to further their liberal agendas. True science is derived from factual evidence based on observation of reality.

J. Mike Byrd


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