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Mon, July 22

Letter: Global warming


The warming of the Earth and it's atmosphere by the sun is governed by the Stefan-Boltzmann radiation law. The radiation power in watts per square meter is proportional to a constant times the emissivity of the radiating source, (that of the sun being nearly perfect -0.98) times the radiating surface in square meters, and times the temperature of the radiating surface in Kelvin degrees raised to the fourth power. The Earth's atmosphere absorbs a small part of the radiation from the sun due to the small area of the molecules in the atmosphere and the small emissivity of the atmosphere, at most 0.15. The portion of energy absorbed by C02 is small as the amount of C02 is only 0.04 percent of the atmosphere. The atmosphere is composed of 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, 0.94 percent argon, 0.04 percent C02 and 0.02 percent hydrogen. Although C02 is a chain molecule, being about 3 times the area of a nitrogen or oxygen molecule, the absorption area of the C02 is only about 0.12 percent of the total atmosphere.

Applying the Stefan-Boltzmann equation the power per square meter arriving at the Earth before penetrating the atmosphere is about 1380 watts per square meter. Given the atmosphere pressure, the weight and diameter of a proton or neutron, the atmosphere content of weight and area over a given area can be determined. Assuming an air temperature of 100 deg. F, for a summer day, the amount of power absorbed by the atmosphere is determined as 330 watts per square meter.

Since the area of C02 in the atmosphere is only 0.12 percent, the power absorbed by the C02 is only about 0.4 watts per square meter, due to direct radiation. The power absorbed by the atmosphere results in a power of 1050 watts per square meter that reaches Earth. The Earth's albedo is 0.39, which means the Earth reflects 39 percent of the energy received.

Now, the amount of C02 only absorbs about 0.1 watts per square meter from this reflected power or the green house effect. The total power absorbed by C02 is about 0.5 watts per square meter while the total power absorbed by the remaining atmosphere, (99.94 percent) is 428 watts per square meter. The direct radiation and greenhouse effect of C02 is a "very, very, very" small effect of warming since it's only 1 of 2500 molecules in the atmosphere, resulting in a small radiation area.

It is beyond belief that C02 could be the source of any global warming.

Note, there has not been any scientific analysis or explanation of how this minute amount of C02 is producing any "global warming" by the global warming types. As Dale Meyer says, "It's unbelievable behavior of C02", no science there.

Jerry Fowler



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