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Tue, March 19

Letter: Democrats after election


Since the election of Donald Trump the Democrats have given us much needed comic relief. First it was the snowflakes as they left their safe zones and destroyed public and private property in large metro areas. They then took to the highways to block traffic and damage vehicles. Next up was Jill Stein (aka the nut bucket). She wanted recounts in various states because she believed the voting machines malfunctioned. She could not offer any proof other than she thought so. In the Wisconsin recount Trump gained more votes, in the limited Michigan recount there was voter fraud by Democrat poll counters. Next up, the Russians did it. They interfered with the election. Well, it does not matter whether the Russians hacked or gyro gear loose hacked. The emails showed the corruption of the left and Hillary’s inner circle. Last up, the Electoral College. Somehow, the way this country has voted since inception was somehow wrong. It must be popular vote (mob rule). Hollywood celebs urged the electors to change their vote. Do the right thing! Hey, these are Republicans they are not going to vote for Hillary.

What people on the left must realize is they had a bad candidate. Voters had no choice but to vote the other candidate. Their candidate cannot be trusted. The lies and deception was just too great. Hillary Clinton and the Clinton’s can be looked at much the same as the carpetbaggers who invaded the south after the civil war. The emails showed that they were out for themselves and not the American people. Trump was able to connect with voters on the real issues; jobs, the border, national security and proud of being an American. If the left cannot learn from this election they will become the party of elitists and give me something for nothing and have the other guy or gal pay for it. I truly believe that the majority of Americans are tired of elitists looking down at us and telling us what we must do.

Michael Oskins



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