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Sat, May 18

Editorial: Teaching cursive writing is not a priority

Arizona schools are now required to teach students cursive handwriting.

So, let’s see: We have a problem with sustainable education funding, we have a shortage of teachers, we have a problem retaining teachers, we have a problem affording text books and fixing leaking roofs.

The solution to improving education in Arizona? Yes, that’s it! Teach our children to write in cursive.


On the front page today we explore the financial wish list of state education officials to get Arizona onto solid educational ground.

Teachers are already overburdened and underpaid. What will have to “give” during the day so that making correct loops can be taught?

With big problems looming, adding something like cursive writing to the classroom requirements should not be a priority.

I was taught cursive in school 41 years ago at age 8, but my children were not. When they opened their first bank accounts, I taught them cursive at home so they could sign their names on checks. I called them yesterday and asked when was the last time they signed their names? The 24 year old said he always prints his name on his debit card receipts, so he couldn’t even remember. The 23 year old said maybe when she got her driver’s license renewed recently. These kids do everything online – even esignatures for tax returns. They both told me they’ve only used one or two checks from their accounts over the years, maybe. They just don’t use cursive handwriting.

This next generation of children will not use it either, so why on earth are we wasting classroom resources on it?


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