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Thu, March 21

Letter: Voting


Jerry Jackson article, Dec. 6:

Thank you for the schooling on the workings of the Electoral College. Your comments and enlightenment expose your attitudes and deserve a response. Thank God the popular vote does not prevail or we would all be at the mercy of California, Florida and New York. I like that Arizona, Wyoming, etc., have a say in the election.

So you are troubled by the iniquity of the inequity in the system. You, sir, are the very reason the founding fathers founded the Electoral College. The adage that you refer to as quaint, “that every vote counts,” is only quaint and outdated by the Democrats who are still squirming after their losses.

It is just great that you find solace in a (down home?) philosopher, Garrison Keillor. Those I know who voted for Trump did not vote on his hairdo. Did you vote on Hillary’s pantsuits? The 15-minute max makeover he suggests could have enhanced your own candidate. And, speaking of speech therapy for Trump, how about the same for Hillary? We have been spared four years of a screech owl voice yelling and calling us deplorable and irredeemable. Do you know what I mean? Am I right? Am I right? You better believe I am right.

Mr. Trump, according to you, reads no books (he does write them); can only write one or two sentences (Twitter requires that); has no strong loyalties (his children are a testament of his loyalty). So you believe we disaffected white blue collar workers who elected a Fifth Avenue tycoon to rescue us from the elitists could have chosen a better tycoon? Would you prefer a political tycoon like Hillary, who, as you describe Mr. Trump, never attends church, never served in the military, reads no history, loves no opera, cannot sail a boat, never ran a 5K, or anything, raised no llamas, has no childhood friends. I looked at her and there is nothing but an empty pantsuit.

A parting thought as Trump said on his victory tour, “We did have fun fighting Hillary.” After reading your article, I have decided to celebrate and openly enjoy the bleeding heart liberal whining of the Democrats and their need for safe spaces, cocoa and play dough for their college kids. Read your article, Jerry Jackson. Such a lack of civility is disheartening and flies in the face of the Americanism that I have come to know and respect over the years (your words). WE WON, WE WON, WE WON (my words).

Joyce Bunch



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