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Mon, April 22

Editorial: Everything was done right in school gun incident

No guns in school. A clear, simple rule. If that rule is broken, the possessor of the gun will be – and should be — arrested.

Sadly, in this era of mass school shootings, that rule must be enforced — every time.

School staff must always be hyper-aware of hallway rumors of weapons on campus.

Last week this reality hit Bradshaw Mountain High School pretty blatantly.

Two students brought .22-caliber handguns onto school property in their backpacks.

A number of online commenters to the story thought that arresting and charging the teens was too harsh.

Really? What part of what they did didn’t break a rule? What part of what they did was ok with some readers?

Would readers think differently if the teens loaded those weapons and discharged them into a crowded lunchroom?

The police report stated that the initial investigation revealed the juveniles “had no hostile intentions in bringing the guns with them to school,” and administrators and police reportedly made certain that no hostile threat was present on campus.

Thank goodness, but why on earth would a student carry a gun to school? Protection? A dare? To be cool?

Officials, both police and school, will be looking into the reason, we’re sure.

The adults involved in this incident from the initial report to the arrest, did everything right.

The teens, and their parents, have a long road ahead of them to get over this incident, no matter what the reasoning was for it in the first place.

The community should breathe a collective sigh of relief that police and school staff were on top of this incident. Parents should take this as a wake-up call to pay attention to what is happening in their children’s lives – and in their backpacks.


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