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Sat, Aug. 17

Letter: Follow the money and influence


I recently received my fourth 6-by-11-inch, two-sided glossy “Judd Simmons for Assessor” campaign ad in the mail. This marked a tipping point for me as it had a prominent endorsement from the current Yavapai County Sheriff. Why? Why would a county sheriff get involved in a county assessor race? Might this go down as the most expensive assessor race in Yavapai County history?

By my estimation, at about 38 cents per postcard times at least 53,000 Republican voters, adds up to about $20,140. Wow! For a local county assessor campaign? And that was for just one mailing. By the way, I am a registered Independent, and I received his four mailings as well. I’m guessing here, but I estimate that the Judd Simmons for Assessor campaign may be setting a historical spending record in our county. Could the Judd For Assessor campaign spending exceed $100,000 for 2016? Newspaper reporters, I hope, will find out let us know.

Full disclosure here. I have worked in the Yavapai County Assessor’s Office for 18 years.

I have witnessed five assessor elections. I have never seen the likes of this kind of spending. Have you watched FOX News lately? Someone recently told me they saw Judd Simmons ads as many as five times a day on the network. This, in addition to the mailings, and the overabundant campaign signs seemingly everywhere.

I have nothing against Judd Simmons. I’m sure he is fine Republican. However, current Assessor Pam Pearsall is the most experienced, qualified and dedicated of all the candidates I have seen over the last 18 years. The spending and influence being brought against Pearsall is unprecedented. I urge voters to think about it and ask why.

You may have heard of the lawsuit brought against the Assessor’s Office by the cattlemen and ranchers of our county? It’s been in the news.

You may have heard of some disagreements between the county supervisors and the Assessor? It’s been in the news.

But what you may not have heard of is the sources of the amazing amount of money being spent on the Simmons campaign. One Sedona supporter named Michael Schroeder donated $5,000 to Simmons. Campaign finance reports can be found at the county elections website

The final pre and post primary Simmons campaign finance reports should be very interesting to look at.

This Assessor’s race will be decided in the primary. Before you vote, ask yourself why. Why is so much money being spent by the Judd Simmons campaign? My vote is for incumbent Assessor Pam Pearsall.

Doug Braly



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