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Thu, Jan. 23

Northern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair winners announced

Students who participated in the fair gather for a group photo opportunity.
Courtesy photo

Students who participated in the fair gather for a group photo opportunity.

The Northern Arizona Regional K-8 Science and Engineering Fair took place in Prescott Feb. 25-26. The approximately 175 projects from all over northern Arizona were already winners at their respective schools. Tri-City College Prep High School hosted the fair.

Winners were:


Tuff Morgan demonstrates his project, “Pedal Power.”


All Categories: 1st Place: Bowen Graser from Primavera, “When is my Shadow the Longest?”; 2nd Place: Mason Bergamini from Abia Judd, “Color”; 3rd Place: Suli Sherman from Skyview, “Earthworm’s Habitat”; 3rd Place: Aden Philips frp, Eva Marshall Magnet, “Density”


Animal Biology: 1st Place: Reina Dean from Lincoln, “Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?”; 2nd Place Babel Medina from Primavera, “Cats”

Physical: 1st Place: Kaleo Pason from Eva Marshall Magnet, “Passive Solar”; 1st Place: Zane Carlson from Basis Prescott, “The Icy Road”; 2nd Place: Analee Tingerthal from Eva Marshall Magnet, “Different Kinds of Snow”; 2nd Place: Peyton Hobson from Abia Judd, “Which Popped More?”; 3rd Place: James Knotts from Lincoln, “Lemon Battery”


Plant Biology: 1st Place: Maddie Olson from Primavera, “Color changing Daises”; 2nd Place: Linnae Kuehl from Eva Marshall Magnet, “Why do Cut Flowers Die so Quickly?”

Animal Biology: 1st Place: James Underwood from Lincoln, “M&M Survival Challenge”; 2nd Place: Jarrett Garver from Primavera, “Time vs Temp”; 3rd Place: Kendall Dolan from Basis Prescott, “Equine: Walking or Parking”, Saige Scott

Chemical: HM: Zade Gardipec from Primavera, “Dissolving Hearts”; 1st Place: Ava Neider from Sacred Heart, “Egg-credible Geodes!”; 2nd Place: Paige Whitten from Lincoln, “Skittle Science”

Physical: HM: Eli Tharp, Individual, “The Meltdown”; 1st Place: Ari Jones from Lincoln, “Sediment Size Controls”; 2nd Place: Charlie Owens from Liberty, “Soda Can Race”; 3rd Place: Hank Scaife from Mingus Springs, “Disappearing Toilet Paper”


Plant Biology: 1st Place: Asher Young from Eva Marshall Magnet, “Wheatgrass”

Animal Biology: 1st Place: Adey Pearson from Eva Marshall Magnet, “How will Habitat Disturbance affect Swains?”; 2nd Place: Eva Pegliasotti from Skyview, “Handwashing Science”

Chemical: 1st Place: Mark Vasiliauskas from Eva Marshall Magnet, “The Ice Age: Freezing Point Depression”; 2nd Place: Abby Burns from Lincoln, “Cleaning Pennies”; 3rd Place: Kodie Scharrer from Liberty Traditional, “Grow those Crystals”

Physical: HM: Olivia Kutick from Granville, “The Effects of Temperature”; 1st Place: Eli Benson from Skyview, “The Best Paper Airplane”; 2nd Place: Bella Sota from Primavera, “My Beetle Bot Project”

Special Education: 1st Place: Dylan Williams from Liberty Traditional, “Gliding Through the Air”


Animal Biology: HM: Kayla Phillips from Eva Marshall Magnet, “Does Price Matter?”; 1st Place: Gabriel Rathbun from Lincoln, “Is my Oxygen Different?”; 1st Place: Annie Morgan from Skyview, “How do different surfaces Mealworms?”; 2nd Place: Samuel Jones from Eva Marshall Magnet, “How does Age Effect Speed?”; 3rd Place: Jacob Dailey from Lincoln, “Bacteria on Common Items”

Chemical: 1st Place: Kari Chitwood from Lincoln, “The Effects of Coca-Cola on Inorganic and Organic Materials; 2nd Place: Riley Sato from Skyview, “Which Vinegar Cleans a Tarnished Penny?”; 3rd Place: Brody King from Mingus Springs, “The Great Glow-Stick Debate”; 3rd Place: America Smyly from Lincoln Elementary, “Jolly Rancher”; 3rd Place: Alexis Davis from Lincoln Elementary, “This Project Stinks”

Physical: 1st Place: Cash Taylor from Eva Marshall, “Electric Quarters”; 2nd Place: Jonah Zajk from Abia Judd, “High or Low”; 3rd Place: Ashley Morrow from Mingus Springs, “What Insulator Works the Best?”


Animal Biology: 1st Place:Asher King from Skyview,“Music-Lovin’ Microbes”; 2nd Place: Lucas Kroll from Basis, “Who is more likely to Delay Gratification?”; Daxton Hedge; 3rd Place: Torrey Garver from Primavera, “Whisker Wiz”

Chemical: 1st Place: Bekah Coe from Eva Marshall Magnet, “I can has Cupcake”; 2nd Place: Jasmine Morse from Paulden Community, “How a Lava Lamp Works”

Physical: 1st Place: Maya Harvey from, Eva Marshall Magnet, “Hot vs Cold: Rubber Band Edition”; 2nd Place: Riley Carpel from Eva Marshall Magnet, “Bubble Fun”; 3rd Place: Sid Schultheis from Eva Marshall Magnet, “Frosty Mint”; 3rd Place: Aiden Thompson from Granville, “Robotic Movement”


Animal Biology: 1st Place: Payton Dabney from Christian Academy, “Can you believe what you See?”; 2nd Place: Sedona Ortega from Skyview, “Would You Rather?”; Sage Johnson, Common Misconceptions”; 3rd Place: Aaliyah Kubrock from Clarkdale-Jerome, “Caffeine vs ADHD and non-ADHD”

Chemical: 1st Place: Gabriel Vicente, from Christian Academy, “Will Different Surfaces Cause Ice to Melt?”; 2nd Place: James Pitts from Mingus Springs, “To Mix or not to Mix?”; 3rd Place” Alexandria Mintz from Sacred Heart, “Sodium Tetra Borate Crystals”

Physical: 1st Place: Marina Hernandez of Paulden Community, “Solar Heater”; Priscila Mendez; 2nd Place: Giovanna Ponte Russell from Clarkdale-Jerome, “Static Electricity”; 3rd Place: Trinity McTurk from Clarkdale-Jerome, “What kind of Rotor Blade Design is Faster?”


Plant Biology: 1st Place: Johnathon Willey from Mingus Springs, “Dark vs Light”

Animal Biology: 1st Place: Cornelia Belknap from Skyview, “Correlation Between Deception and Blood Pressure”; 2nd Place: Maddy Hohrein from Christian Academy, “Can You Stand it?”; 3rd Place: Shelby Snow from Christian Academy, “Movie Music”

Chemical: 1st Place: Samantha Doyle from Sacred Heart, “Bouncy Polymer Chemistry”

Physical: HM: Jehiah Rogers from Clarkdale-Jerome, “The Effect of Various Stains on How Well it is Treated by Tide”; 1st Place: Lily Stein from Skyview, “Fire & Fabric”; 2nd Place: Devin Schuhert from Mingus Springs, “The PSI Test”; 3rd Place: Tiana Lodico from Clarkdale-Jerome, “Does it Pop?”


Animal Biology: 1st Place: Robert Schecker fromMingus Springs, “Videogames and Blood Pressure”; 2nd Place: Abigail MacDonald from Skyview, “The Code of You”

Chemical: 1st Place: Emma Warner from Clarkdale-Jerome, “Eggmosis”; 2nd Place: Olivia Gordon from Clarkdale-Jerome, “Are you a Glutton for Gluten?”; 3rd Place: Chance Densmore from Clarkdale-Jerome, “Effect on Freezing Point: Depression of Water by Sugar”

Physical: HM: Tanisha Sosa from Paulden Community, “Energy”; 1st Place: Tristan Talos from Liberty Traditional, “How much Can a Boat Float”; 2nd Place: Tamara Trujillo from Sacred Heart, “The Great Grate Sorter”


“How to Cure Mouth Sores – Navajo way,” Tyran Mitchell from Eva Marshall Magnet

“Can You Stand It?”, Maddie Hohrein from Christian Academy

“Bouncy Polymer Chemistry”, Samantha Doyle from Sacred Heart

“The Effects of Coca-Cola,” Kari Chitwood from Lincoln

“Ice Age: Freezing Point Depression.” Mark Vasiliauskas from Eva Marshall Magnet

“Handwashing Science,” Eva Pagliasotti from Skyview

“Weather Emotions,” Oliva Simpson from Abia Judd Elementary

“Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?,” Reina Dean from Lincoln

“Solar Heater,” Priscila Mendez from Paulden Community,

Marianna Hernandez

“The best of:”


Asher King from Skyview, “Music-Lovin’ Microbes”


Samantha Doyle from Sacred Heart, “Bouncy Polymer Chemistry”


Garrett Rutherford from Christian Academy, “Get a Grip”


Adey Person from Eva Marshall Magnet, “How will Habitat Disturbance affect Swains…?”


Dylan Williams from Liberty Traditional, “Gliding Through the Air”


Abigail MacDonald from Skyview, “The Code of You”


Tuff Morgan from Clarkdale Jerome, “Pedal Power”

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