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Thu, Jan. 23

Letter: Facts

Jerry Fowler's letter in September is full of twisted facts. If you go to the Internet on government records, you will find records are kept from Truman through Obama by non-political commentaries.

First Mr. Fowler states that our unemployment is over 10 percent. Fact is, it is 5.1 percent. Second, he states that G.W. Bush accumulated a debt of only two trillion dollars. The fact is that Bush accumulated a debt of over 10.7 trillion while in office. When G.W. Bush took office, there was a balanced budget and a budget surplus. Our national debt was 5.6 trillion. When Bush left office, it was 10.7 trillion. The debt President Obama's accumulated was to save our country from another great depression.

When President Obama took office the banks were failing, auto companies were going under, the stock market crashed. President Obama spent trillions on the two wars, spent trillions to bail out banks, car companies and money on stimulant packages to get the economy growing again. He spent money on cash for clunker cars to help the auto manufactures. All the spending worked. Now the banks, car industry, stock market and housing are doing well.

You don't have to like President Obama because he is a Democrat or because of the color of his skin. That is your right. You don't however have the right to make up lies about him. He led this country out of another depression, and he has tried to do everything he said he would do.

For you who think ObamaCare is driving up the cost of your insurance, you might want to look at other factors. A lot of people who could not get health insurance are now covered.

Some say that the unemployment is not right because they don't count the people who quit looking for work. Well, the government uses the same way to count unemployment as it did for past presidents. G.W. Bush's job approval in October 2008 was 25 percent. As of January 2015, Obama's job approval is 47 percent.

Melvin Stauffer


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