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Fri, Dec. 06

Letter: Obama is to blame


It is unreal that Bob Lynne, "Letter: Obama failing to fail," does not comprehend how our economy and our foreign policy has deteriorated during the Obama administration.

Unemployment is over 10 percent as the welfare expenditure has increased by 25 percent from 2009 to 2012. We now have more people on welfare, food stamps and disability than ever before. This data is not just rhetoric doom and gloom as Lynne states.

Lynne's reference to Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize winning economics professor, is certainly not an authority of economics. Krugman, like J.K. Galbraith are Keynesian economists who demonstrated their ignorance of fueling our economy with Reagan's tax cuts.

The Keynesian economic hypothesis was total destroyed by H. Hazlitt's book, "Failure of the New Economics."

Obamacare has certainly not reduced the cost of healthcare. Just look at the government controlled healthcare for veterans, which has demonstrated long waiting periods and poor services.

According to the published data of tax revenues and expenditures by the government, Obama has accumulated a debt of over $5 trillion in five years, whereas President G.W. Bush accumulated a debt of $2 trillion in eight years.

ISIS has spread during Obama's administration as they now control about one-third of Iraq and Syria. I recall Obama referring to ISIS as the J.V. Team.

Obama's deal with Iran is a disaster. Iranians are going to inspect their own nuclear facilities and no military sites will be open for inspections. A letter formed by 190 retired generals was sent to Obama stating their total disagreement with the Obama-Iranian plan. Also, the rejection of this deal does not equate to war.

With our economy in the tank, our high unemployment and food stamp distributions, our non-existing southern border and allowing ISIS to expand in several countries and Lynne blames the Republican Congress for the gloom and doom.

Jerry Fowler


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