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Sat, Feb. 22

Letter to the Editor: Nukes keep us safe


America's nuclear weapons program is essential in keeping America safe. Without these weapons, America would not be the country it is today. Post 9/11 has created a world atmosphere where Americans are hated. So much so, that even Prescott, Arizona, wasn't safe from terrorism, with the horrific capture and murder of Kayla Mueller. America's nuclear weapon program may not be the popular vote but in these times it is essential for maintaining our safety and our way of life.

There is research that supports that nuclear weapons may not, in fact, make the world more dangerous. "In this era of rogue states and transnational terrorists, that idea sounds so obviously wrongheaded that few politicians or policy makers are willing to entertain it." (Tepperman, 2009) But that is a mistake. When both nations have nuclear weapons, the cost of war is obvious, inevitable, and unacceptable. Even the craziest dictator is forced to realize that declaring war with another nuclear state is unwinnable and thus not worth the effort. "Why fight if you can't win and might lose everything?" (Tepperman, 2009) Some may argue that maintaining a nuclear weapon program is costly. "The United States will spend at least $179 billion over nine fiscal years 2010 through 2018, averaging $20 billion per year." (NTI, 2013) Some might argue that this is an astronomic amount to protect ourselves, our fellow Americans, and to insure our lifestyle. I disagree. The Iran deal is not a good deal because it will allow Iran, an evil regime, to have a nuclear weapon within 15 years.

America's nuclear weapons program is important for maintaining our freedom and liberty. The United States must be more powerful than its enemies in order for there to be peace. The United States' nuclear weapons help to ensure the peace.

Sam Stoecker


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