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Sat, March 23

Letter: Unemployment 'statistics'


President Obama and his administration are boasting of the 5 percent unemployment rate. That rate is a distortion of facts, if not an outright lie.

The "Bureau of Statistics" website provides the numbers used to base their rate. A closer look that these numbers tells a different story. I will use percentages to illustrate my point, which are easier to understand versus large numbers.

Categories are: 1) Civilian Population (CP); 2) Labor Force (LF); 3) Employed (EMP); 4) Unemployed (UNE); and 5) Not in the Work Force (NWF). I will compare the average for the year 2006 and October 2015.

1) CP increased 9.93 percent; 2) LF increased only 3.70; 3) EMP increased only 3.25 percent; 4) UNE increase 12.96 percent; and 5) NWF increased by a whopping 23.42 percent. Not in the Work Force is where the President and administration are fudging the numbers. I do not know who is included in this number and no explanation is given. But, I heard that Unemployed Workers who stopped looking for work are included. Why? Aren't these workers still unemployed?

If NWF is increased by the same percentage increase as CP and the difference is added to LF and UNE, the actual unemployment rate is 10.96 percent. I rest my case.

John Beal



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