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Sat, Oct. 19

Letter: Agendas


This letter is in response to Monica White's Feb. 21 response to Buz Williams. She berates Buz for stating that "agendas stand in the way of truth," by accusing him of having an agenda of his own with respect to racial profiling. She states that his point of view is "police minded," and that Buz is talking to his base of older white males. She goes on to slam Buz for criticizing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for getting involved whenever a tragedy occurs involving police and racial minorities.

Wow, talk about agendas! It sounds like Monica has an agenda (or agendas) of her own, which have the flavor of anti-police and anti-white older men! She talks about Sharpton and Jackson as being leaders in the black community. I'm sorry Monica, but I think your bias is showing when you gloss over such tragedies as the Crown Heights riots and the false narrative put forth by Tawana Brawley against a white cop - which incited portions of the black community. These are just two examples of the involvement of Sharpton inflaming, not calming, racial tensions in explosive situations. As for Jesse Jackson, he has a history of shaking down businesses for contributions to his causes in order to avoid racial unrest.

I can only hope that Sharpton and Jackson are not representative of the black community at large. I believe that Buz was absolutely correct in saying that agendas stand in the way of truth. That seems to be the case with Monica White's response to Buz Williams.

Hadley Mills


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