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Fri, July 19

Letter: Gay marriage


In the July 7 letter, "Gay Marriages, Christians," the writer claims that his religious freedom will be taken away because of the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage. Nonsense! He is free to believe what he wants and he is free to practice any religion he chooses. Clearly, no court decision is affecting his religious freedom and this is not about some perceived nonexistent Christian persecution.

The ruling by SCOTUS may be offensive to the writer, but it has nothing to do with religion. It is about equality, non-discrimination and civil liberties. See Amendment XIV of the Constitution. In addition, there is the Declaration of Independence declaring that all men (women) are created equal.

Then the writer advocates discrimination against the gay community by wanting to allow businesses to choose whether to serve them. Nonsense! With that kind of retro thinking we will return to the segregation years of the 1950's. Then the writer implies that no gays or liberals are Christians. I ask you, where does this kind of thinking come from? Are most Conservatives really that sheltered and closed minded? My experience says the answer is no, most are not; however, the writer certainly appears to be.

Finally, the writer asks who is hateful and intolerant? I'd say that is an easy question to answer, and it's not the Court, not gays, and not liberals.

Bob Lynne



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