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Fri, Oct. 18

Column: The mix of illegal immigration, voters

Conventional wisdom is not always wise. Common knowledge is not always correct. Political correctness stifles free speech. Whenever big government, big business, and the mainstream media agree on an issue, American citizens will lose. Usually that issue will benefit big government by increasing its size and dependency on government. It will be good for big business's bottom line. The mainstream media will report only the one side of the issue that promotes their agenda. The average citizens of our country will be the ones most harmed, and the ones expected to bear the costs.

A case in point is the issue of illegal immigration. Big government politicians have no problem with illegal aliens crossing our borders. They can look like benevolent philanthropists by granting government welfare programs, (with the taxpayer's money, never their own). How can that be you say? Illegal immigrants can't get welfare. Technically, that may be true, but there is the little loophole of the anchor babies. "Census Bureau data reveals that most U.S. families headed by illegal immigrants use taxpayer-funded welfare programs on behalf of their American-born anchor babies. The study focused on eight major welfare programs that cost the government $517 billion the year they were examined." -

They can build a voting constituency. But non-citizens can't vote, right? Guess again. "In 2005, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that up to 3 percent of the 30,000 individuals called for jury duty from voter registration rolls over a two-year period in just one U.S. district court were not U.S. Citizens." -

And who loses? The American taxpayer who has to foot the bill and the American voter whose votes are diluted by non-citizen voters. But big government is just one faction of this unholy triumvirate. Big business also reaps benefits from illegal immigration.

"Government data collected in December 2014 show 18 million immigrants (legal and illegal) living in the United States who arrived in January 2000 or later. But only 9.3 million jobs were added over this time period." -

Basic economics teaches that when there is a surplus of a commodity, in this case labor, the price of that commodity goes down. If there are twice as many applicants as there are jobs, then those offering the jobs can lower the amount they have to pay to fill that job. So who benefits when a major component of doing business, labor costs, are less? Businesses, of course. And who loses? Labor, not only the legal and illegal immigrants who want those jobs, but also those American-born laborers at the low end of the economic scale. Those American workers without the education and/or job skills, who would like to work in construction, truck driving, maintenance or other jobs that used to pay a living wage.

The third member of the triad is big mainstream media. Whatever their reasons, whether it is their liberal bias, or catering to their big business sponsors, for years they have failed to mention the immigration status of people here illegally who are arrested and/or convicted of horrendous crimes. Whether you love or hate Ann Coulter, her book "Adios, America," exposes the overwhelming cover up of the press in identifying illegal aliens when they commit murders, rapes, vehicular manslaughter, child molestations and other major crimes. Coulter's book isn't that long, until one realizes that everything she has written is documented with footnotes listed at the end of the prose. She points out that much of the news reports are based on false information.

Remember hearing about President Obama being called the "Deporter in Chief" because he was deporting so many more illegals than President Bush? In the first chapter of her book, Ann tells you where that "information" came from. "...Obama is deporting far fewer aliens than Bush - and that wasn't a high bar. The Obama administration simply changed the definition of 'deport' to include 'illegal aliens turned away at the border.'"

It may take some time, but the American people eventually come upon the truth. Donald Trump may or may not have been a serious candidate for President, but when he made his statements about illegal aliens from Mexico, however inartful, many Americans heard a ring of truth. Those statements, the politically correct overreaction by the press and other candidates, pushed Trump up in the polls. The Kate Steinle murder and a rehashing of other murders by illegal aliens who had already been deported multiple times has moved Trump to the top of the polls.

Voters are tired of hearing sanctimonious politicians sidestepping the illegal immigrant issue and want to hear someone, anyone, directly addressing the issue and the threat to their safety that it presents.

Buz Williams is a retired Long Beach, California, police officer who has lived in Prescott since 2004.

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