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Fri, April 26

Editorial: Online comments - love them, hate them

Facebook comments. You love them or you hate them. Or, you love to hate them.Everyone seems to have a definite opinion on the two cents everyone else likes to share on our online stories.It's a forum, much like the "Our Readers Speak" section of this page. You have a right to be heard and we provide those forums as a public service to you.What we will not do is provide you a forum to spit venom across the region from behind your computer screen. Our staff will not approve your harmful comments. If we miss some, we'll go back through and delete them asap. In most cases, after a proven record of posting such comments, we will ban you.I was asked Monday if there was anything I could do "about those Facebook comments." My answer to most people who have an issue with them is "don't read them." If you are in the public eye or somehow else got in the news, expect the world to comment on whatever you are doing. The same thing happens when you do the right thing, the wrong thing, or sometimes, not much of anything.You have two choices at that point, address the bullies and naysayers or ignore them. I do both. It depends on the issue and whether I feel it's valuable to other readers to hear my side.I think most officials get that ... you open yourself up to criticism just by running for public office and sometimes it's beneficial to address a rumor or "wrong thinking." Sometimes, it's best just to move on and realize that some people will not have their minds changed. If you feel the comments reflect negatively on the people of this area, don't. I'm here to tell you that every newspaper offering a comment section has to deal with the same type of comments that we do. Every newspaper. Something about a forum to air your grievances at your keyboard brings out the worst in people. It isn't a reflection at all of the residents here. In fact, I find the tone of the comments here more forgiving than those from my previous paper (which should make you raise your eyebrows!).Reader comments and letters to the editor aren't everyone's cup of tea. If you do not want your blood pressure to spike, don't read them. If you can't help yourself, take every one of them with the old grain of salt. We're a good, basically kind, community. Don't let anyone else tell you differently.- Robin Layton, editorFollow Robin Layton on Twitter @RobinLaytonAZ. Reach her at 928-445-3333 ext. 1095, or 928-533-7941.

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