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Sun, March 24

Letter: Science seminars


In response to Nigel Reynolds' letter, he objects to me calling evolutionary theory a religion, and then tries to equate evolutionary theory with science. Just because it is in a science textbook does not make it science. I called it a religion because it cannot be observed, tested or repeated (3 of the 4 parts of the scientific method).

There is also no evidence for it in the fossil record. There should be millions of transitional forms found by now, which Darwin said would be the end of his theory, but people like Nigel keep espousing it because they don't want to believe the Bible, but it takes much more faith to believe in the fairy tale of evolution than it does to believe in the Biblical account of creation, and I just don't have enough faith to believe in the evolution story.

He claims there are two creation stories in Genesis, but if you read it, you will see that the account in chapter 2 is not another account, but is giving more detail of what happened on day 6 of creation.

What Nigel calls, "impossible or mythical events" in the Bible, Christians call miracles, which is a break in the laws of nature by the creator that created those laws, which would put God in a position to do so, should he desire to.

He claims the Bible has contradictions in it, but when he sent me 10 examples of what he thought were contradictions, I answered them all, showing there is no contradiction.

I invite creationists and evolutionists to attend the quarterly creation science seminars sponsored by the Arizona Origin Science Assoc. from 2 to 5 p.m. Jan. 24, at Alliance Bible Church, 2601 Iron Springs Road, where you can ask your questions after the presentations.

David McNabb



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