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Mon, June 17

Letter: Radical Islam

Islamic State fighters in June 2014. (AP file photo)

Islamic State fighters in June 2014. (AP file photo)


The gruesome murders of hostages by ISIS terrorists and their threats of greater violence against Israel and the United States has had a shocking effect upon the minds of our countrymen. How safe are we today?

A published report 10 years ago showed that one or more terrorist groups were operating in 15 of our largest cities, and Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Heabollah, Fatah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad were among the more active members of the terror network. "The Muslim Brotherhood is the originator of all contemporary Militant Islamic movements," wrote Harvey Kushner in 2004. At that time, the Muslim Brotherhood was headquartered in Houston, Texas. One wonders how many more of our larger cities now harbor these subversive groups.

Our universities and prisons have often been penetrated by recruiters for training in Islamic terrorism. How many cells of subversion exist from coast to coast? Here's a 10-year-old clue, again expressed by Dr. Kushner, "American mosques are regular stops on fund-raising trips for terrorist leaders and their sympathizers." During the past decade, how much damage would these homegrown cells be able to cause when the clarion call comes? The Obama administration has declared these mosques and their schools to be off-limits for investigation.

Furthermore, our President has sought to soft-pedal terminology about radical Islam in relationship with terrorist activity.

Recently he has snubbed Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and turned his back on the very significant anti-terror rally of world leaders in Paris.

How well prepared are we for a far greater attack than 9/11 in 2001? Again, the reality of imminent trouble was clearly expressed by Kushner in 2004: "The Holy War on our home front is the first war in almost two centuries that America will have to fight on its own soil. The weapons of war will be different, but it is war nonetheless."

Benjamin K. Souler



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