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Mon, July 15

Chew on This: Lobster is back on the menu in Prescott

This is the one time it's okay to be a little... shellfish... with food. After shutting up tighter than an oyster at low tide for the better part of a year, Prescott Lobster & Seafood Co. reopened last week.

Now swimming under new management, the restaurant continues to bait customers with old favorites well as brand new catches.

Owner Julie Rodriguez said she was a teacher for 20 years and had to find another job to make a living due to education cutbacks.

"When I was looking around for a new opportunity, I looked at a couple of places," Rodriguez said. "When I came in here, I was with my mother and we just fell in love with it."

Rodriguez said her mother's side of the family is from New England, adding that the restaurant made the two of them feel like they were back home.

Rodriguez stated she did research on the old business and what people thought about it, noting that people raved online about certain dishes, sauces and salads.

"I made sure to keep that because they really missed it," Rodriguez said.

And, really, Internet reviewers in the past have given Prescott Lobster & Seafood Co. an average rating of four out of five stars from (16 reviews), (18 reviews) and (eight reviews). And some are even since reopening.

Before it closed, one reviewer asked, "Am I in Maine?"

Others said:

"What a fantastic little place... unless you're a lobster... in which case - thank you for being delicious."

"You really don't get much better than this place and you definitely don't in Prescott."

"This is a little seafood treasure in the heart of downtown Prescott."

And after reopening?

"I had to try this place and wasn't disappointed... I will go back."

"This place is a real treat for those who love lobster."

But Rodriguez also brought in some new dishes, such as lobster macaroni and cheese, which she said is a big new item in seafood restaurants out east. Other new menu items include crab cakes, a lobster bisque with cream sherry and a fresh shrimp salad roll. There's also a new clam chowder, which is actually Rodriguez's mother's recipe.

And Rodriguez mentioned that everything is wild caught, cooked fresh every day and the seasonings are their own.

Rodriguez likened owning the restaurant to her previous teaching experience.

"In teaching, I can actually contribute to the kids, make them feel good, nurture them. I'm doing the same thing, I'm taking care of the community... giving back to my community by providing the food they want and it brings them back home to those memories," Rodriguez said, noting that a lot of people in the area are from the Northeast.

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