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Sun, Aug. 25

Letter: Say no to Trump


This is an open letter to my Republican and conservative friends. As a life-long Republican, I see it will soon be time to choose our party's presidential nominee. I see several good candidates running that I could support. It would be nice to have a Contract With America that would unite our party behind our beliefs and principles.

One candidate that I cannot and will not support is the life-long Democrat and champion of vitriol, Donald Trump. It is hard to understand why conservative radio hosts (Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Ingraham) speak so highly of Mr. Trump, and almost seem to endorse his candidacy. They refuse to look at his positions on issue after issue. He is not a Republican, and not a conservative. He supports partial birth abortion, and single-payer health insurance. He has long supported liberal Democrats. He has no foreign policy or national security experience.

Mr. Trump is a narcissist (as is our current president) who is very shrewdly tapping into deep popular rage against Washington. The likes of Bill O'Reilly treat him with kid gloves, hoping not to upset him. To me he is bombastic, thin-skinned, has no manners and is unworthy of the office.

If Republicans and conservatives want to vote for this liberal Democrat, go ahead. But I put you on notice, Mr. Trump is not, and never will be, worthy of my vote.

Fred Bigler


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