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Wed, Oct. 23

One man's rant: Mr. President, I have a question

I'd like to be a reporter in a presidential news conference for just one day. During my exceedingly brief career as an actual journalist, I'd like to ask the president one question, "Mr. President, what color is the sky in your world?"

Based on policies coming out of this White House during the past seven years, I increasingly wonder which universe our president inhabits. And I'm not even asking where he was born! In my universe, a president provides leadership that actually enhances his country and its global influence.

A few days ago at the climate change meeting in Paris, President Obama commented that the conference was an "act of defiance" against the terrorists. After this amazing declaration linking climate change and terrorism, I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd blamed oil price volatility in 2015 on annual Ferris wheel production statistics. It's becoming clear that Obama lives in an alternate reality and prefers to burden our economy with irrational environmental mandates rather than fight the more imminent threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

I'm not the only one questioning the president's grasp of reality. On a recent Egyptian TV talk show, retired Egyptian General Mahmoud Mansour when asked about Obama's climate change/terrorism linkage responded, "What can you expect from a man who never served in the military and has never worked a day in his life?"

Closer to home, General Joe Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was asked if ISIS is contained as the president indicated recently. His answer to the House Armed Services Committee was not only have we not contained it, but that ISIS has spread strategically since 2010.

Continuing to look at a Middle East that's spiraling into the toilet, House member Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii noted that the president's decision to send American fighter jets to target Russian planes on the Syrian-Turkey border could lead to nuclear war. Did I forget to mention that Representative Gabbard is a Democrat?

I might conclude that President Obama's decisions come straight from the Ouija board in his special little universe, but too much evidence indicates that he is motivated by resentment of America's traditional leadership position in this world. I believe that he wants to reduce our country to the status of an impotent European socialist state. It's no wonder that considering America as "exceptional" gives him hives.

Egyptian General Mansour warns, "People need to wake up. America is getting weaker day by day under this president." The General continued, "Your enemies no longer fear you (America) and your allies no longer trust you." Right on General.

Not yet convinced that the president is hurting our country? During his reign, Barack Obama has fired more than 200 senior military commanders from our military. Army Major General Patrick Brady (retired), recipient of the Medal of Honor, says that President Obama's agenda is decimating the morale among the ranks. "There is no doubt that he (Obama) is intent on emasculating the military and will fire anyone who disagrees with him," the General points out.

Our president is also swayed, in my opinion, by his leftist agenda to the exclusion of serving America. For example, becoming energy independent would strengthen the national security of America. Unfortunately, Obama is more interested in the estimated $100 million that progressive billionaire Tom Steyers pays Democrats to vote against the Keystone XL Pipeline and other legitimate energy strategies. It's curious to note that Steyers gained his wealth as a hedge-fund manager investing in oil and coal projects. Can anyone spell "hypocrisy?"

January, 2017 can't come too soon.

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