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Sat, Oct. 19

Letter: Regaining the center


In answer to the editorial by Toni Denis, I think she is mistaken why many Americans are choosing to be independent. The reason most Americans decline to join either political party is they feel they are corrupt and only support special interest groups. Many Democrat and Republican office holders are on the fringe of the political spectrum and are not interested in coming to a compromise with the other side. As a result, we have a dysfunctional government. Trump is a perfect example of the frustration of many voters with the establishment. I despise him; but he is obviously tapping into this discontent.

What is needed is a third party in the center; but given our system of government in which winner takes all it would probably be difficult to make it work. Amazingly, the only countries with a two-party system are the U.S., Jamaica and Malta. There is another option it is a nonpartisan blanket primary.

A nonpartisan blanket primary is a primary election in which all candidates for the same elected office, regardless of respective political party, run against each other. Voters regardless of party affiliation can vote for whoever they please. Under this system, the candidates receiving the most and second-most votes become the contestants in the general election. In this type of primary it is entirely possible, especially in Yavapai County, that both candidates in the general election will be from the same party, but presumably one would be more moderate and in the general election he would be the likely victor since the members of the other party would likely vote for the moderate candidate.

This would apply to all primaries including the presidential primary. This would effectively prevent someone like Trump advancing to the general election. Our republic is under attack by extremists on both sides of the aisle, we must try to regain the center. Registering for one of the parties will just exacerbate our problems.

Victor Holm


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