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Sun, Feb. 23

Letter: Climate credibility


There are several reasons for many to be skeptical about mankind causing "global warming," or climate change. It was just a few years back that NASA's orbital satellite system indicated a slight global cooling and the global alarmists changed their story to climate change. By the way, climate change allows for climate cooling as well as climate warming.

This debate has been going on for over 20 years and yet there has not been a scientific analysis or explanation of how a minute amount of C02 (400ppm) in our atmosphere is causing global warming. J. Hansen's computer model missed the last warming prediction by 400 percent. M. Mann's temperature prediction is based on a mathematical fifth order polynomial with a small undefined random portion. Mann omitted the global warming period from the year 1000 to 1450 to produce a high rising temperature curve in the 2000s. This deliberate distortion of the temperature profile has been denoted as the "hockey stick curve." The IPCC has been caught twice in manipulating the NASA temperature data.

With these distortions and manipulations of the climate data and lack of scientific explanation of the cause of global warming, the climate change group has destroyed their credibility.

The atomic weight of C02 is 1.5 times the average atomic weight of the atmosphere, or 0,06 percent. Like many carbon compounds C02 is a chain molecule, hence it's footprint is only 0.18 percent of the total atmosphere. This footprint represents the percentage of solar energy intercepted and reflected from the Earth (greenhouse effect). Also, C02 is near colorless so its absorption and reflectivity are small. So where is all this warming energy induced by C02 coming from?

This is missing from the "global warming" or "climate change" arguments.

Jerry Fowler


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