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Sat, Feb. 22

Letter: For children's sake


A majority of scientists cite evidence of human industry degrading our natural environment. Many argue that we are sentencing our grandchildren to catastrophic climate change unless we stop burning coal, oil and gas.

Their political opponents fear that manmade climate change is a hoax designed to introduce world government and they argue that we should eliminate regulations, which protect our environment. (To see what that looks like, google: Beijing smog.) They claim that America and the world will be better off if we continue to mine and burn fossil fuels far into the future.

Even if scientists turn out to be mistaken about the climate, burning fossil fuels is a bad long-term strategy. Consider that nearly all the fossil fuels burned in the last 150 years was done by only 10 percent of the world population in the U.S., Japan and Europe. Today, 7,000,000,000 humans are quickly adopting our energy hungry lifestyle. By 2050, that number will total 9,600,000,000.

We can expect that by 2050, humans will be burning roughly 14 times the fossil fuels we do today! Naturally, we can also expect 14 times the pollution, mining accidents and oil spills.

Eventually, humans will mine all the inexpensive fossil fuels and burn them. As global energy demand increases and supplies decrease, the price will skyrocket. Such a scenario will enrich many nations, which oppose American interests, harming our national security. Maintaining the status quo with fossil fuels is quickly becoming the wrong choice for our children's future.

As an engineer, I have faith in American ingenuity. There are many alternatives to fossil fuels including safer, advanced nuclear reactors. In Arizona, solar power peaks during peak use hours. When it comes to our future security and our precious environment, we must choose our energy sources wisely.

Peter Nelson

Yavapai County

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