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Thu, June 27

Letter: Teach values


The "talking heads" on TV will say, "we need more gun control"! The guns are not shooting people. It's the people with underdeveloped consciences and no moral values who are doing the shooting. Why don't we start talking about the real root of this problem? How many parents, teachers, clergymen will use this as a teaching moment with their children? This is wrong. This is not how we treat our fellowman.

How many young people today have even heard of the Ten Commandments? Who is teaching our youth some moral values? We are fostering generations who feel it is OK to lie, cheat, loot, bully people, steal, kill, hate, and spread lies about people on social media. Is this really the way we want our country to be? We have to make this better.

Moms and dads, talk to your kids. Ask them what they think of these kinds of instances happening today. Talk to them about the murders this past Wednesday morning. What is their reaction to these murders? See what kind of job you have done creating a moral compass for your children.

Let's all start living by the Golden Rule. When I was in grade school, it was printed on the back of our rulers: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." It certainly would be a start.

Nancy Von Rohr



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