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Sun, April 21

Letter: Trump and McCain


There has been much to do on the news lately about Donald Trump vs. John McCain. Just to start this off, I am a strong supporter of Mr. Trump. Now I'm going to try and explain my version of the interview that started all this.

When John McCain returned home from the Hanoi Hilton, he had almost the equivalent of a ticker tape parade. I know this because another friend of mine from high school was a POW for seven years. We helped him celebrate when he returned home.

Donald Trump is not down grading McCain's time as a POW. In fact, it is highly respected for his five years as a prisoner.

What Donald Trump is doing is give celebrity status to the unknown heroes that returned from Vietnam alive and not in a pine box. I checked the ages of most of the naysayer news broadcasters and most of them were between diapers and 6 years when our troops returned home. So they had no clue of the treatment of the American people towards our heroes. You can check this yourself in google, "Troops Returning from Vietnam Treatment."

The military told the troops to change out of the uniforms into civilian clothes to avoid clashes with was protesters before deplaning. This I know as a fact, I worked for United Air Lines in Los Angeles and saw it firsthand.

Donald Trump is giving Senator John McCain due respect but there was a greater group that deserved and never got respect and to this day they still are not. We attended Donald Trump's speech in Phoenix. We and 14,998 others left pumped. This is a man the United States needs to take hold of the rains and lead from the front.

What I would like to hear is an apology from Senator John McCain for his remark about the 15,000 crazy's that came out in support of Donald Trump. John, it was us, the same loco's that voted for you in 2008. Should we boycott drinking Budweiser?

Mike and Mona


Chino Valley


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