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Tue, Sept. 17

WHAT DO YOU DO? He's there when your technology fails or when you fail your technology

Chris Seistrup

Chris Seistrup

What's your name?

Chris Seistrup.

What do you do?

I'm the store manager at Tech Rehab in Prescott.

What is Tech Rehab all about?

We do computer repair. We fix phones, tablets, random devices that no one is willing to deal with or touch. We also teach people whatever they want to know.

How long have you been doing this?

I've been doing work with technology for about nine years. I've been with Tech Rehab going on two years now.

What is the number one issue you help clients with?

Broken screens. Charge port failure is a big one as well.

IPhone or Android?

I have both.


I have a mac and a PC too. They're all a tool to get a job done. They all have pluses and minuses. I use my IPhone right now a lot because it has a better camera, but I'll probably switch to using Android the most next time.

Which company seems to be pushing ahead right now?

I don't think anyone is doing anything groundbreaking right now. The company I think is going to succeed is the one who actually gets all of it to work; streamlined how it's supposed to. Everything in terms of cloud data backup and device size is still in its infancy. It's all about the speed of finding and retrieving your data while you're not on your home connection, which all comes down to infrastructure. That's the barrier. We have all of these devices, but we don't have the connection to get the job we want done in some places.

What's the oddest piece of technology someone has come to you with to fix?

A lady brought me what looked like safety glasses with LED's built behind the lens that blinked in patterns to help promote brain activity and rebuild connections and functionality in the brain and stuff like that. The wiring had just gotten really bent and I had to re-solder all of the connections.

Two favorite apps?

I have a Garmin connect app that connects with my GPS for my bike and will report my location to family members and people on line. I do some 200 plus mile bike rides and people just want to see where you're at. I also love the Snapseed photo editor app that Google runs now. It has a lot of really cool photo editing features and makes really awesome pictures really quickly.

Any tips or tricks to share about technology?

Take care of your charge port. On some devices, it's the most ridiculous thing to have to fix. For new phones, you might have to remove the screen and risk breaking it ($175 to replace on certain phones).

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