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Thu, April 18

JTED welding student earns coveted 6G certification

Dalen Warburton works to weld a project at Yavapai College CTEC. (Courtesy photo)

Dalen Warburton works to weld a project at Yavapai College CTEC. (Courtesy photo)

Mountain Institute JTED's (MIJTED) Welding Technologies program, in partnership with Yavapai College, regularly produces qualified and certified graduates. But in terms of total dedication to mastery of the craft, Dalen Warburton of Mayer High School is exceptional.

Dalen has just completed his third year of welding instruction, earning some 22 certifications along the way, and his most recent, and most coveted, is the very challenging 6G Certification. The 6G test is typically required for the top high paying jobs and with this certification Dalen will almost assuredly secure one of the highest paying welding opportunities available.

MIJTED's Welding Technologies is normally a two-year program and students typically achieve 3G to 4G certifications as a result. When referring to these certifications there is a number and a letter associated with a certain type of weld. The number 1 refers to a flat weld and the letter G refers to the type of weld; G stands for groove weld. Therefore if a person earns a 1G welding certificate, he or she can effectively weld plate steel with a groove joint in a flat position. A 4G certification would mean one could effectively weld plate steel with a groove joint: overhead. The numbers 5 and 6 refer to pipe welding. A person who can effectively weld pipe at a 45 degree angle with a groove joint, without rotating the pipe, would become 6G certified.

Dalen gives all the credit for getting the most from his welding classes to his instructor at Mayer High School, Mr. Dale Uecker, who is also Mayer's representative on the MIJTED Governing Board.

Dalen stated that he took Ag Welding at Mayer High School and loved it; subsequently, Mr. Uecker urged him to enroll in a college-level class at Yavapai College and from there he was hooked. Dalen is looking forward to continuing his education at Yavapai College and obtaining an Industrial Machining degree, and then wants to pursue an underwater welding degree. He is grateful for the career guidance and boost that MIJTED has provided him, and MIJTED is proud of all of Dalen's achievements.


Mountain Institute, one of fourteen Arizona JTEDs (Joint Technical Education Districts), serves high-school eligible students in western Yavapai County, including public, private, charter, home school, and accommodation school students. Education partners include Yavapai College, and the following Unified School Districts: Ash Fork, Bagdad, Chino Valley, Humboldt, Mayer, Prescott, and Seligman.

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