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Mon, Oct. 21

Column: Bad news a matter perspective for NFL

Argus Hamilton

Argus Hamilton

BEVERLY HILLS - Happy Saturday, everybody, and God bless America.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was sued by a stripper for sexual assault. She claimed he forced himself on her as he was having sex with another stripper inside a hotel bathroom. It's terrible publicity for Jones and his family, but for the NFL it's the feel-good story of the week.

President Obama gave a TV speech on national security to the country Wednesday. After consulting with his generals and he laid out his plans to deal with the violent extremists for their brutal and violent behavior. He is dropping the NFL Network from his basic cable package.

New York commemorated the 13th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks at Ground Zero Thursday. It gave everybody pause. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell watched a video of the Twin Towers falling for the first time and suspended the terrorists for two games.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he didn't see the DVD of Ray Rice hitting his wife until Monday. Hours later the AP said the NFL office received the DVD in April. The NFL now admits the DVD arrived last April and they were totally planning to binge watch it this weekend.

South Africa's Oscar Pistorious was found not guilty of murder Thursday. The judge said Oscar couldn't have assumed he was killing his fiancee when he fired four times through the bathroom door. Not taking any chances, the Baltimore Ravens have released Oscar Pistorious.

President Obama laid out his ISIS strategy to the nation Wednesday. So far he's vowed to make ISIS more manageable, he's threatened to degrade ISIS, he's promised to destroy ISIS. When asked if Obama was sending mixed messages to ISIS, the White House replied, yes and no.

President Obama caused eyes to roll while addressing the nation about ISIS Wednesday by saying the Islamist terrorists who fight for the Islamic State aren't Muslims. That's like saying the Protestants who destroy Dallas on Texas-OU weekend aren't Christians. Yes they are.

President Obama asked Congress for half a billion to arm the New Syrian Army members who have been fighting both ISIS and Syria for two years. It's very important that we get to know them. The New Syrian Army is the group that we'll be fighting a year after we defeat ISIS.

President Obama on Wednesday said the New Syrian Army will fight ISIS on the ground as we bomb ISIS. Two weeks ago he dismissed them as doctors, dentists and pharmacists. We must move quickly before they realize how much chemistry they know and start cooking meth instead.

Democrats in Washington were stunned by President Obama's speech Wedneday to send the U.S. back into a new Mideast war. He ran for president solely on his opposition to a Mideast war. You know he's getting older when even President Obama doesn't support President Obama.

Ukraine began building a wall on its east and southern border Monday. The White House gave them the money. The good news for Republicans is that President Obama has finally built a border wall, the bad news is, it's to keep the Mexicans from even considering going to Ukraine.

The New York Times issued a correction Thursday for an article in which the newspaper of record referred to Dick Cheney as former President Dick Cheney. Don't count him out. In honor of his service to the country he's rumored to be a candidate for Wyoming's Water Board.

National Geographic began filming its TV movie of Bill O'Reilly's best-seller Killing Jesus this week. He also wrote Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy. If O'Reilly can show that Jesus was also killed by a white Southerner with three names, it'll take the heat off the NFL for awhile.

Argus Hamilton is the host comedian at The Comedy Store in Hollywood and entertains groups and organizations around the country. Email him at

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