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5:27 AM Thu, Jan. 24th

Letter: Obama has not improved economy


It is unreal that Mary Bradley thinks our economy is better now than it was in 2008. Obama's threat to increase corporation taxes and taxes on the rich reduced the tax revenues by 20 percent in 2009 compared to the tax revenues of 2008. The investors and corporations held back on their investments and pursuit of new products. The unemployment began to rise and the market took a dive and peoples' 401Ks took a big negative hit, as much as 50 percent. Ms. Bradley needs to walk around Prescott and note the number of businesses that have gone under.

Obama deserves to be "demonized" as he has lied so many times, such as: Obama claimed our recession is over, but it is still going on; the unemployment numbers he states do not count the number of unemployed that have given up looking for work - our welfare expenditure has increased by 24 percent since 2008, which results in an unemployment of at least 14 percent which accounts for a cost of living of 11.3 percent and a population increase of 4.7 percent for the five years; his claim that there is "not one smidgeon of corruption in the IRS" - L. Lerner took the 5th so as not to incriminate herself and also claimed her computer and five others crashed; Obama repeated and stated that one could keep his healthcare plan and doctor - a total lie; Obama claimed ISIS is just a "JV team," they now control an area of about 1/3 the size of Iraq and have murdered 1000s and Ms. Bradley thinks Obama's policies are "correct" ­- Obama and his administration lied that a video was the cause of the Benghazi attack and resulting murders - testimonies and emails demonstrated the attach was a terrorist action - it is not settled as to the source of the "talking points."

Obama has violated the Constitution multiple times and his partner in crime, E. Holder, overlooks these criminal acts.

Jerry Fowler