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Mon, March 25

Letter: Voters knew what they were getting


What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Diane Douglas is an ordinary citizen who sought a state-wide office and won. Her primary victory was nothing less than a miracle. Afterward, Douglas was deserted by the political class because she was said to be a "single-issue candidate." Diane's single issue was included on every sign, every business card, in the publicity pamphlet and on every bumper sticker: "Stop Common Core." Douglas' victory is absolutely a mandate to stop Common Core.

The political establishment is trying to have it both ways, and is revealing the difference between the elitists and the citizens. The elitists would have us believe that even after their best efforts and Douglas' best efforts to expose the single issue - Stop Common Core - the voters still did not understand.

The worst part is these elitists are governing most of the states' schools and they believe our children are even dumber than we are.

Elizabeth May

Chino Valley


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