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Thu, May 23

Prescott-based band Spafford making a name for themselves

Spafford, a Prescott-based band, is working their way into the hearts of music lovers and beginning to make a name for themselves on the national circuit.

Spafford is made up of Jordan Fairless, 24, on bass, Brian Moss, 28, playing lead guitar, Red Johnson, 32, on the keyboard, and Nick Tkachyk, 24, on drums.

The band takes concert-goers through a multitude of musical terrain with their reggae infused tune "Salamander Song" to the smooth jazz melody of "Lonely." And just when you think you have them figured out, they amp it up with a nod to rock with their songs "America" and "Electric Taco Stand."

"There's a certain energy, professionalism and unique talent that exists in the band," Casey Smith said. "They embody the spirit of some many unique styles of music - blues, funk, reggae, pop, jam, progressive rock, jazz, electronic - but rather than just being an odd blend of so many styles, they have created a unique identity for themselves."

In addition to playing instruments, all four band members contribute to vocals and songwriting.

"We each take turns being the songwriter. There are three lead singers in the band and everybody has their time to sing their songs," Moss said. "It's nice to have the diversity of lead singers throughout this project."

With more passion and drive than money in their pockets, the band took to managing the group themselves, tackling everything from booking shows to creating and maintaining their website. The band also records, mixes and masters their live shows, offering free streaming or downloads online at their website.

"We didn't get any help from anyone or any bigger bands with this. We've been fighting the entire way, and we've been pushing forward and pushing forward," Moss said. "It's hard to do that, so that's why we offer help to other upcoming bands."

Their hustle to promote Spafford has resulted in an explosion of invitations to play in upcoming concerts and festivals in cities throughout Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, and California.

"It's a big decision to want to jump on the road," Moss said. "We are really starting to branch out a little more.

In addition to touring, the band is in the works to release a double-disc live album from their shows in 2012 and 2013, Moss said.

"We have a collection of certain shows that we haven't released," Fairless said. "It's stuff that some of our fans haven't heard before, and we want them to be able to have that in a disc to listen to over and over."

Moss and Fairless founded the band in 2009. After going through a few different band members, they finally formed a solid lineup with the addition of Tkachyk and Johnson.

"There's a certain organic excitement that is very attractive to people joining the Spafford community," Smith said. "It's more than just liking the songs they write or liking how well Brian plays guitar. They like how the music makes them feel. They like the inspiration the band brings to their lives. They like that their music motivates them to be creative, unique, and artistic. That's a truly wonderful gift that many bands don't provide."

For more information on upcoming Spafford performances or to hire the band for a gig, visit their website at


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