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Sun, Feb. 23

Column: Colorado even makes drug cartels look bad

Argus Hamilton

Argus Hamilton

Colorado's licensed pot shops were reported running out of marijuana because of the huge demand. State lawmakers responded by suggesting a 35 percent sales tax on every ounce sold. Leave it to a state legislature to make the Mexican drug cartel look not so greedy.

Pope Francis raised eyebrows Sunday when he declared that the Internet is a gift from God. If temptation is a gift from God then the pope was never more right. The Internet is a place where men are men, where women are men, and where children are FBI agents.

Dade County Jail was deluged by Justin Bieber fans who cheered him as he walked out Thursday. The four hours in jail may have expanded his vocal range. Fans heard Justin Bieber hit a high-C and hold it for 40 seconds, and that's just when he first sat down in the car.

Justin Bieber spent $75,000 on strippers in a Miami club. He's been seen frequenting brothels before his arrest for drag racing on pot, alcohol and meds. His publicist says he's trying to show young people you don't have to do coke to have a good time.

Famed defense attorney Roy Black was hired by Justin Bieber to represent the star for reckless driving, drunk driving and resisting arrest. Bieber needs an adjustment in attitude. In Calabasas they're hoping his time in prison teaches him to be more respectful of his neighbors in a gated community.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted he fell off the wagon when he sang reggae drunk at a burger joint. He vowed to keep going on and off the wagon until he hits rock bottom. He has hit rock bottom so many times that environmentalists accused him of fracking.

Rob Ford was caught on camera singing a reggae song at a burger joint while drunk. It's not just the crack and the booze. Rob Ford is overweight enough so that whenever he wears his Abbey Road T-shirt the Beatles are walking around in a traffic circle.

President Obama proposed privacy safeguards against the NSA program that collects phone data. It's all good. NSA agents do not use the data it collects against the president's political opponents, that's the IRS's job and they're in a different union.

L.A. Sheriffs denied seeing drugs in Justin Bieber's house during Friday's raid. They did find coke for which they arrested a rapper. You get the feeling there'll come a time when everyone in Bieber's entourage will be able to draw the inside of L.A. county jail from memory.

Iraq officials warned that al-Qaeda could capture Baghdad after they took Fallujah and Ramadi. The U.S. could restore order in Iraq without sending one soldier. Saddam Hussein's daughter is living in exile in Syria, but we've got to promise not to be so judgmental this time.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addressed his legislature and called for the United States to give up the War on Drugs and focus on treatment for users instead of jailing users. Sobriety finally worked for me. My line of Hamiltons lost the English Civil war, we lost the War of Independence, we lost the American Civil War and in the War on Drugs I fought for Colombia.

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