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5:24 AM Thu, Jan. 24th

Letter: Liberals, conservatives are both necessary, different


I was interested to read Mr. Wilhelmsen's letter to the editor on Jan. 4 about the difference between conservative and liberal ideas of progress. I guess I don't see it the way he does. Here's my view: Conservatives tend to consider progress as more about economics while liberals tend to look more at the people as a whole and their progress.

This isn't to say that conservatives don't think about people and liberals don't think about money. Only that the emphasis is different for each group. Naturally, we need to think about both if the nation is to prosper - which is why both parties are necessary and need to be strong.

But Mr. W. seems to think liberals are moving away from the Constitution and taking away freedoms. My contention is that liberals are concerned about everyone's freedoms, not just those who have money or those who don't want to be bothered with other people's problems. That for a society to work, we all have to help out, we have to be concerned about everyone including the poor, the vulnerable, the out of work.

Simply accruing all the money a person or company can possibly make on the backs of workers is destructive for a nation. Simply looking out for one's self interests alone turns a nation to anarchy - which invites destruction. The Constitution, liberals believe, is not a static document, but one that allows the country to grow and change. And this is what we think the founders envisioned, keeping us a fluid, thriving nation, ready to meet the challenges of a changing world.

Susan Lanning