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Mon, Nov. 18

Letter: Schools' purpose gets lost in shuffle


I opened the Feb. 6 Courier to see an opinion piece on letting anyone establish and run a state-funded school, and a column by Buz Williams trying to convince us that becoming an armed security officer is so easy that any teacher can qualify with minimal training.

I also have had experience with Arizona's fly-by-night charter school culture and, being a retired engineer, I honestly have to say that some of our best medicine-man shows are going on in our state-funded charter schools.

Any strange, unproven means of keeping Arizona kids indoors seems to be capable of becoming a charter school, and while I stand behind the right of any parent to raise uneducated kids in whatever way they choose, I am not okay with state taxes always being used to fund that effort.

If you're afraid your child might be stunted or corrupted by science, reality and experiencing fellow students of the lower classes, it is your right and should be your duty to pay for whatever education will let you sleep in your cocoon and raise a kid there.

Meanwhile, it is rather strange to see Buz claiming that any teacher should bear the burden of being an armed defender of the children they're trying to teach. If carrying arms to protect our children is such an easy job, we don't need a police force, do we? In typical Tea Party logic, arming every American and allowing them to use their own judgment in what constitutes an attack would rapidly decrease our population of both children and teachers... lowering taxes, no doubt.

Working with the distracted children we are sending to public schools and attempting to teach them reality and facts is a hard enough job for most teachers; calling a teacher a defender and arming them to take on armed mental illness in the halls is adding insult to a stressful job.

Quit hunting for cheap or profit-driven answers to our problems, and try thinking these problems through and cooperating with trained experts on what we're talking about.

Robert Cape


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