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Mon, March 25

Letter: Reader misstates Tea Party views


In the Jan. 31 Reader's Speak section of the Daily Courier, Bob Lynne presented us with a first-hand look at the socialist view of some Tea Party values - a leftist rewrite of the meaning of various phrases, words and concepts.

The values that he was addressing were fiscal responsibility, limited government and free market economy. Having listed those values, Mr. Lynne then proceeded to tell us what he thinks the Tea Party means by those "values." He was wrong at every turn.

What the conservative means by fiscal responsibility is simply that: responsibility in the matters pertaining to the public treasury and revenues - something completely lacking in the current U.S. Administration, and too many in the Senate and the House.

What the conservative means by limited government is government constrained by the Constitution of the United States of America.

By free market the conservative means a free market economy - one in which the allocation of resources is determined by the supply and the demand for those resources in contrast to one in which the government intervenes through non-market methods such as laws controlling who is allowed to enter the market, mandating the type of product or service being supplied, directly setting prices, etc.

Let all know that the socialist agenda has been a failure throughout history in all its varying faces - from the totalitarianism of North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela to the social democracies of Europe.

Jim Bird



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