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Tue, July 16

Prescott Moms Blog: Let's actually talk about vaccines

(Courtesy of Thinkstock)

(Courtesy of Thinkstock)

First of all, let me start by telling you that I am not against vaccines. People assume that since I am a natural doctor that I probably think that vaccines are evil and should not be used at all. Not true. I am extremely thankful for vaccines. It is because of immunizations that babies no longer die of diphtheria and we no longer have to worry about getting polio at the pool. As parents, we can worry a lot less about our children now that vaccines are in existence.

What I am against is people passively doing exactly what their doctors tell them to do without asking questions or doing their own research. The generation before ours tends to be very obedient when it comes to their doctors - they do or take exactly what their doctor tells them to do. The time for this passive attitude is over.

I bring this up because there is so much emotion and conflict around the vaccine discussion. In fact, I don't even talk to my own friends about vaccines because people tend to get very passionate and I am not one to start an argument. I tend to shy away from controversial topics. This topic, however, is not one for you to shy away from at the doctor's office.

What most people do not know about vaccines is that the current vaccine schedule, developed by the CDC, has nothing to do with the health of your baby but instead is based on "herd immunity" (From Vaccine Testing and Delivery Giving Patients the Weapons to Fight Disease - Ann Montgomery, MD BioProcess International Vol. 2). The CDC decided that because moms are extremely good at bringing in their newborns and infants to their well-child checks (but not so good after their child turns one), the goal would be to get as many vaccines in as they could during the well-baby visits.

The schedule at this time is not determined by individual risk factors, immune system development or neurological system development. In fact, because the baby's immune system is still maturing, many of the vaccines require more doses to secure immunity. It is a fact that if the child starts the immunization process at a later date, he or she ultimately will need fewer injections.

So perhaps, instead of being against vaccines, I am against doctors who say that there is only one way to do it. I am a firm believer in alternate vaccine schedules because I refuse to look at my baby as part of the herd.

Hopefully, you do too.

Let's start a discussion. Let's look at it from angles. Let's not get emotional over this but instead think logically. There is always more than one way to do something and just because it is different, does not mean it is wrong.

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