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Thu, May 23

Letter: Obama has broken his empty promises


On a warm summer night in August 1974, a small group of key Republican senators met with President Nixon in the White House. Their agenda was resolute: to convince Nixon to resign the office of President of the United States.

The Watergate scandal, widely trumpeted by the national media, had consumed the nation for over two years. The clumsy break-in of the Democrat campaign headquarters at the Watergate Hotel had unveiled issues indicating that Nixon had widely abused his office. The scandals escalated, costing him much of his political support.

After being informed that he lacked the votes to escape impeachment, Nixon announced his resignation the following day.

Today, 40 years later, we have another president who has forsaken his oath of office. After six years, we still have an unstable economy and high unemployment. Government spending and deficits have skyrocketed. We have a debt bubble that's about to explode. Our financial rating has been downgraded for the first time in history. The U.S. dollar is expected to be devalued and dumped as the global reserve currency. Government has taken over the healthcare industry and is responsible for a medical cost curve that will bankrupt Medicare.

The president seems disengaged and unconcerned. His carefree smile distracts the public from six years of scandals and policy failures, both domestically and internationally, and his true agenda.

Unlike Nixon, President Obama, despite his waning public support, has the congressional votes to remain in office. The house, with a simple majority could impeach; however, the upper chamber would stop it cold.

Both parties should give up floating the idea of impeachment. It's not going to happen.

Would a late-night Nixon-style visit convince Obama to change his ways? No, not likely. He promised to transform America and that's priority one.

Something to remember this November.

C.R. Shoemaker



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