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Sun, Aug. 18

Letter: Big money has killed democracy


The McCuthcheon vs. FEC ruling by the Supreme Court has again demonstrated the Supreme Court's, 5-to-4 majority's intention to legalize bribery of our elected (purchased) leaders. Now the wealthy can more conveniently contribute unlimited amounts to control who will become the decision makers in our former democracy.

Bundling of contributions will now be easier than ever. The wealthiest can now contribute more than $120,000 to a single candidate and an unlimited amount in an election. The wealthy could already contribute unlimited amounts to 501,4c social welfare nonprofits.

How is flooding the airways and robo-calls benefiting the social welfare? These organizations are prohibited from addressing candidate elections, but sponsor smearing, often distorted if not frankly false political messages about candidates and issues.

They do so because these messages affect elections. This money means to become a viable candidate, a politician must curry favor with corporations (even foreign) and the wealthiest individuals to have the money to get nominated. And then they can get bribed again to win the general election. Once in office they are able to command even more money as they now have power to make special deals to grant federal contracts like defense contracts that are full of cost overruns for weapon systems our military doesn't want and wars none of us want.

No wonder we have career politicians, no term limits and a skyrocketing deficit. Don't be fooled by the conservatives who continue to pass laws to assure that we have an ever-increasing number of prisoners to fund more expensive private prisons and other wasteful spending to pay back those who keep them in office.

If this sounds alarmist, look at the Congress whose popularity is in the single digits yet are re-elected over and over again. Voting is suppressed while bribery is expanded. If you don't like the way things are, there is little time to change things.

Vote, speak out, write and if you can contribute what you can and demand a constitutional amendment to stop the Supreme Court by making clear that money is not protected speech and that corporations and unions do not have the rights of people. Check out and watch for Northern AZ Move to Amend events for more information.

David Fero



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