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Mon, July 15

Will we ever get back to good wages?



I recently approved/posted a reader's article comment that urged the City of Prescott to "fairly compensate" its employees. The rub: the person they care about "hasn't had a raise in six years."

Starting with that as the baseline - we have also heard it regarding the upcoming school district budget overrides; however, remember folks that unless you received a promotion, practically no one has seen a raise since before the Great Recession.

The working stiffs will not cry you a river, because they're suffering too.

It gets worse: the commentor said paychecks have "continued to get smaller and smaller over the last few years, and our expenses continue to increase with the increase in cost of living, mandatory increasing state pension payments, increasing property taxes, etc."

Very true.

Cost of living - up.

Pension - up.

Taxes - up.

(The latter never really dropped. The value of your property took a hit during the recession, but the secondary taxing entities - fire, schools, etc. - for the most part raised their levies to shore up their budgets.)

It all comes down to this: "So, you are left with hard working, good employees that are not compensated for longevity nor merit. It's a tough economy for sure, but City employees do deserve to be fairly compensated for their work."

Sadly, with everyone else in this same predicament, continue to pray for solid economic recovery and that healthcare rates do not skyrocket.

Good wages? Fair compensation? Remember that the effects of a recession can continue at the local level for years after the government says the crisis is over.

Be happy you have a job.


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