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Sun, Jan. 19

Letter: Ethics demand fair treatment of poor


Doing what is right is its own reward. I think I first learned this from my parents and then in Sunday school. Whenever this happened, I have always known the difference between right and wrong in the broadest sense. In nursing school, we studied Ethics and, in particular, Medical Ethics as core curriculum.

I am baffled and shocked that ethics have taken a big hit in American society. I can't wrap my head around the mean-spiritedness that has emerged about having an inclusive society and helping the less fortunate. I cringe when I read about the charges of Socialism and tyranny as related to Obamacare. The government is now ready to shutter and default on it's debts to delay this legislation that is already the law of the land. Get over it! Obamacare passed and is poised to help millions who are currently without health care. Surely there will be glitches but it is the right thing to do.

When did it become common practice to bash the poor, trample the underprivileged and elevate the rich above all others? We have the greatest social inequality in 50 years with the richest 2 percent owning over 90 percent of real wealth. Unions that protect the middle class are being busted and the minimum wage qualifies millions for food stamps.

We, as a nation, are dying because of unbridled greed and avarice towards the common man. Charity and morality should begin at home. We cannot prevail as a nation if we lose our collective soul sold to the highest bidder. I learned this is Ethics 101 and am saddened that many in our nation have trashed this simple truth.

Linda Lutes


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