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Thu, March 21

Prescott Police release reports, 911 call from officer-involved shooting (hear 911 calls)

Larry Clay

Larry Clay

PRESCOTT - The police officer who fatally shot Larry Clay on the night of Nov. 19 was alone, according to several police reports released Wednesday afternoon.Officer Jared Willis responded to a report of a suicidal man in the 4800 block of Hornet Drive at about 8:45 p.m. and ultimately shot and killed Clay, whom he said had a knife in each hand and charged him with them.According to a report by the second officer on the scene, Gary Novak, he was responding from Yavapai Regional Medical Center to back-up Willis with lights and siren."At one point, I heard Officer Willis on the radio say that he was not going to approach the subject and was going to wait for other officers to arrive on the scene," Novak wrote. As he turned onto Hornet Drive and shut off his siren, he heard Willis radio, "'Shots fired, he charged me,'" Novak wrote.When he arrived at the scene, "15 to 30 seconds" later, he first passed two other people in the street, who were later identified as family members. Clay was laying in a driveway, two kitchen knives nearby on the ground, and was still breathing, Novak wrote. Shortly after that, he wrote, Clay took a deep breath and apparently stopped breathing, and Willis asked about doing CPR. Novak told him to wait while he checked for more weapons, and finding that Clay had none in his hands, the two officers started CPR.Within two minutes, he wrote, Prescott Fire and Lifeline ambulance crews arrived to take Clay to the hospital.Novak took Willis aside and had him sit on a low wall. A family member came over, patted Willis on the back, and "said something to the effect of 'I am sorry I had to call you. You did the right thing,'" he wrote. That family member told officers that he heard Willis tell Clay to stop and put the knives down, but that Clay continued to advance on Willis at what he described as a "medium speed walk," starting from about 15 feet away.A third report said that a witness told police that he'd heard three shots in rapid succession. A different witness told an officer that he had heard six shots.Another officer's report said that the dispatcher told officers that Clay had already stabbed himself in the stomach prior to officer's arrival."He's threatened that he's prepared for suicide by cop," a caller to 911 said.Clay was pronounced dead at YRMC at 9:24 p.m., a report said, and Arizona Department of Public Safety investigators took over the incident sometime after 5 a.m. EDITOR'S NOTE - The Daily Courier has edited the following recordings,obtained from the Prescott Police Department, to remove information that isprivate and personal, including medical and family history.src='ftp/flvplayer/player-licensed-viral.swf'wmode='transparent'width='425'height='30'bgcolor='undefined'allowfullscreen='true'flashvars='file='/>Click "play" to hear 911 call #1 related to Nov. 9, 2013 officer-involved shooting. (8:54)src='ftp/flvplayer/player-licensed-viral.swf'wmode='transparent'width='425'height='30'bgcolor='undefined'allowfullscreen='true'flashvars='file='/>Click "play" to hear 911 call #2 related to Nov. 9, 2013 officer-involved shooting. (1:02)src='ftp/flvplayer/player-licensed-viral.swf'wmode='transparent'width='425'height='30'bgcolor='undefined'allowfullscreen='true'flashvars='file='/>Click "play" to hear dispatch recording related to Nov. 9, 2013 officer-involved shooting. (1:19)

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