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Mon, July 22

Letter: Making minimum wage livable helps all


Here we go again. The battle over minimum wage stagnation demeans and undermines the confidence of the American people. It has been announced that the minimum wage will increase between a whopping 10 to 35 cents in 10 states, Arizona being one of them, while the U.S. Senate and House members receive a raise of $900 in addition to their $174,000 monthly income plus expense accounts. The leaders of both houses of Congress bring in $194,000 and will receive a $1,000 pay raise plus generous benefit and retirement packages which, in my opinion, is a financial reward for obstructing justice and methodically disabling the American people. Compare these figures with teachers', firefighters', waitresses', flight attendants' and pilots' salaries who also work extra hours and jobs to make ends meet.

The minimum wage at last count was $7.65 an hour in Arizona, which increased by 15 cents to $7.80 an hour on Jan. 1. Can you imagine if we raised that to $12.80 or even $9 an hour as the president has proposed, what an impact that would have on the thousands of Americans working at a minimum wage job? The enthusiasm would be high, job turnovers and unemployment would decrease, and fewer sick days would be taken. The economy would get a big boost because of increased spending and some people advancing into the middle class.

We, as the electorate, need to question further raises for the members of Congress until they quit throwing us bones while they are eating filet mignon.

Tomi Richardson

Prescott Valley


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