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Sat, May 25

Letter: Work together to improve the world


Two recent articles on June 9 and 10 covered the Sierra Club's recent report summarizing our five-year effort to monitor the base flow of the upper Verde River. We pointed out that the river could develop dry spots near Perkinsville Bridge within mere decades because of continuing regional drought and/or groundwater mining, and that the river is deeply threatened sooner than you might assume.

The public response on your website is of concern.

I am amazed that some citizens carelessly post wildly inaccurate statements. I am appalled that mean-spirited and insulting comments are posted anonymously. I understand that everyone is frustrated and dissatisfied with the state of things, but civil discourse is fundamental to a civil society. Why not instead work to improve the world?

The Sierra Club is America's oldest and largest conservation organization with about 550 members in western Yavapai County - your neighbors. We hike, hunt, fish, climb, photograph, birdwatch, observe wildlife, plus ride horses, motorcycles, bicycles and off-highway vehicles. Our purpose is "Explore, Enjoy, and Protect" our public lands. We want citizens to explore our world and to enjoy their outdoor experience in peace and safety. We work hard to protect our shared heritage - our oceans, forests, rivers, deserts and mountains - for the benefit of us all. We work with land managers and within the law to protect our public lands from damage by over-use, pollution or development.

We do not fight to line our pockets or to make the evening news. We fight for the air we all breathe, the water we all drink, and the wild places we all love.

Gary Beverly

Chair, Yavapai Group Sierra Club

Chino Valley


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