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Fri, July 19

Letter: Still wasteful with limited resources


I see a kinship in two items in the Daily Courier's June 25 edition.

First, there's a letter to the editor written by Mr. Curt Cowell. Mr. Cowell states that current Prescott leadership is being dangerously short-sighted in approving more expansion in communities and industry. He fears the natural water supply in our region will dry up, as will all the wealth of our community. His concerns are real and our citizens need to be more far-sighted in planning such expansions. The fact that our region has been suffering from a 15-year drought makes this issue urgent and unavoidable. The mantra that "growth is good" will not hold water when water runs out (pun intended).

Second is the Associated Press report headlined "Immigration bill good for economy, business, workers." One really can't blame citizens from Mexico, or any other nation, from wanting to come to the United States. We, The People, have made for ourselves a virtual nirvana among the world's nations. However, we do not have unlimited land, resources or, may I say, patience. If citizens of other nations want to defect to the United Sates, let them take their places in line and come here legally. By this I mean lawfully, not through a shortcut devised by politicians seeking votes. The hordes need to learn that sneaking in makes them lawbreakers, which should have consequences, not rewards. We have our laws and we must have order.

Charlie Ruth Bond



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