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Sat, March 23

Letter: Good reasons exist to carry a firearm


Lee Nidess calling for stricter gun control contradicts himself. He claims that individuals should be allowed to keep guns for self-defense, and then questions why someone would need to carry a concealed weapon or why teachers or administrators should be allowed to have concealed weapons in school.

Nidess asks what would a child think if this were to happen? He conveniently does not mention that Diane Feinstein's bill would ban and confiscate millions of privately owned guns unless their owners pay a $200 tax on each gun and register them under the "National Firearms Act." He then goes on to say that these measures would probably not stop a "Newtown Massacre." If not, then to what purpose would they serve, other than to effectively penalize and or criminalize lawful gun owners for the actions committed by others?

The Second Amendment is a right guaranteed under the Constitution, not a privilege granted by government. There is absolutely a need to carry a concealed weapon, which has nothing to do with being paranoid. It is a recognition that there are evil people in this world who have and will continue to inflict harm on helpless victims. Massacres in "Gun Free Zones" have proved this.

If I were a child or parent of a child I would feel more comfortable with the knowledge that there would be people on the premises that could possibly prevent an attack rather than wait for the police to arrive and count the bodies. At least they would have a chance.

Stephen J Hogan



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