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Tue, Feb. 19
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Letter: Citizens' guns help keep dictators at bay


I am sending this message yelling, "Listen closely, our rights are being taken away." Guns are not the problem. People have used weapons of their day since people first existed. They have been used for good and bad. When only bad people have weapons, they will only be used for bad. All of our rights as free citizens are being stripped, not just the Second Amendment, and leaving us bare.

Once the means of protection are taken away, you and your children and the generations after them will not be here. History repeats itself. Eleven million people went to their deaths in the Nazi regime, Pol Pot killed two million defenseless people in Cambodia, Rwanda obliterated 800,000 civilians, the Soviet Union purged 20 million and China 35 million people. And these are not all. Governments have killed more people than all the wars in history. In the 20th century alone, 170 million people were killed.

Once you and your children face a firing squad, you have only your body to shield them from the death that will certainly come. You are bare naked and you alone can ask, "Why did I give my freedoms and guns away?"

Military rifles are fully automatic; civilian rifles are not and cannot be made so. The vast majority of guns in use today are semi-automatic. Some people, including some in government, want you to believe disarmament is the right way to go. When the government comes knocking on your door and says "I want what you have; you will go with us or die," what will you do when you have given your right to bear arms away against a government that becomes corrupt?

Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco? It can happen here.

Lawrence Medow



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